[dp专题000]uva 10328 Coin Toss (java 大数+dp)(Unsolved)

题目链接 题意:问长度为n,每个位置由且仅有‘H’和’T’组成的序列中,至少有连续k个‘H’出现的方案数。 思路:不会做

hdu 3507 Print Article (斜率优化dp)

题目链接 题意:n个数,分成若干段,每段的代价为,求最小代价。 思路:dp。 状态方程很显然个鬼。。。 dp[i] 表示处理完前面i个数的最小代价。 dp[0] = 0 ; dp[i]

hdu 4283 You Are the One (区间dp)

hdu 4283题目链接 题意:有N个人按顺序排成一排上台表演,每个都有一个num[]值,若在他是第k个上场的人,则会有num[]*(k-1)的un

poj 3661 Running (区间dp)

poj 3661题目链接 题意:锻炼,一共n分钟,每分钟可以选择跑步或者休息,第i分钟跑步可以跑d[i]米,并增加一点疲劳度,如果选择休息,那么每分

poj 1651 Multiplication Puzzle (区间dp)

poj 1651题目链接 题意:n个数,删掉a[i]的得分是a[i]*a[i-1]*a[i+1],两个端点的不允许删。问删完n-2个数得到的最小分数

poj 3280 Cheapest Palindrome (区间dp)

poj 3280 题目链接 题意:一个字符串,给出添加一个字符或者删掉该字符的花费,问最小的话费使得字符串变成回文串。 思路:dp[i][j]表示区间[i,j

light oj 1422 - Halloween Costumes (区间dp)

light oj 1422 题目链接 题意: 按顺序去参加舞会。每个舞会对衣服都有要求。可以连续穿好多件衣服。需要时候就脱下来,但是一旦脱下来,这件衣服就报废了。问最

poj 1141 Brackets Sequence (区间dp,括号匹配,记录路径)

poj 1141题目链接 题意:给出一个括号序列,要求添加最少的括号,使得这个序列变成合法的括号匹配,输出最后的序列。 思路:区间dp。。。有了那么一

poj 2955 Brackets(区间dp....括号匹配。。。人生第一道区间dp)

poj2955题目链接 题意:给出若干括号,问最大匹配数是多少。 思路:没有思路。我知道这是dp。。。然后其他就什么都不知道了。。。转移方程? 完

BZOJ 1652: [Usaco2006 Feb]Treats for the Cows (区间dp)

1652: [Usaco2006 Feb]Treats for the Cows Time Limit: 5 Sec Memory Limit: 64 MB Submit: 290 Solved: 226 [Submit][Status][Discuss] Description FJ has purchased N (1 <= N <= 2000) yummy treats for the cows who get money for giving vast amounts of milk. FJ sells one treat per day and wants to maximize the money he receives over a given period time. The treats are interesting for many reasons: *

hdu 1160 FatMouse's Speed (最长上升子序列)

FatMouse’s Speed Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others) Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others) Total Submission(s): 10172 Accepted Submission(s): 4521 Special Judge Problem Description FatMouse believes that the fatter a mouse is, the faster it runs. To disprove this, you want to take the data on a collection of mice and put as large a subset of this data as possible into a sequence so that the weights are increasing, but the

hdu 1114 - Piggy-Bank (完全背包)

F - Piggy-Bank **Time Limit:**1000MS **Memory Limit:**32768KB 64bit IO Format:%I64d & %I64u Submit Status Description Before ACM can do anything, a budget must be prepared and the necessary financial support obtained. The main income for this action comes from Irreversibly Bound Money (IBM). The idea behind is simple. Whenever some ACM member has any small money, he takes all the coins and throws them into a piggy-bank. You know that

hdu 1087 - Super Jumping! Jumping! Jumping! (最长上升子序列)

E - Super Jumping! Jumping! Jumping! **Time Limit:**1000MS **Memory Limit:**32768KB 64bit IO Format:%I64d & %I64u Submit Status Description Nowadays, a kind of chess game called “Super Jumping! Jumping! Jumping!” is very popular in HDU. Maybe you are a good boy, and know little about this game, so I introduce it to you now. The game can be played by two or more than two players. It consists of a c